Hunger is a single-player game developed for Microsoft Windows using the wonderful software Game Maker. It is a very small and basic game without modern graphical features or in-game physics. It is a game of survival where you have to collect, manage and use items to keep you alive. The game gives you the opportunity to learn the basic concepts of survival while not boring you with detailed facts*.

It is not just natural forces that may cause you to die. 'Rot' roam the land. What are these 'Rot' and where do they come from? Whatever they are, they appear relentless in their quest to destroy all life. You must escape the island of Fondville to safety, but where is safe? Speak to survivors, learn basic survival skills, the choice is yours.

*Note that this is not simulation software and does not provide a complete or detailed guide to survival.


The installer (created with ClickTeam Install Creator) includes the User Manual and game software.

Download Hunger


Hard drive with at least 4MB of free space
Speakers or Headphones
Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader for User Manual
Winzip or other program to open .zip files
Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/VISTA*

* The game has not been tested on all operating systems.


The following source file requires a installed copy of Game Maker (version 7.0 or above) to open. The game cannot be run from the Lite (unregistered) version of Game Maker. See the Game Maker website for instructions of how to register.

Hunger - Source file

Sample scripts are provided as text documents. These are copied from the source files and not additional scripts.

Picking Up Items Dropping Items Placing Fires
Rot Wandering State AI Survivor Moving State AI Playable Character Dies
Save Games Load Games Error Handling


All documents are given in Microsoft Word and PDF format.

Microsoft Word PDF
Project Report Project Report
Project Description and Objectives Project Description and Objectives
Project Specification and Plan Project Specification and Plan
Literature review and system design Project Specification and Plan
Detailed Design Detailed Design
Flow Control Diagram Flow Control Diagram
Changes to original documents Changes to original documents
Testing Summary Testing Summary
User Manual User Manual
Maintenance Document Maintenance Document
Acknowledgements Acknowledgements

The slides of the two presentations are given in Microsoft PowerPoint format only.

Interim Presentation Final Presentation

Level Designs are given in Bitmap (bmp) format only.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

The questionnaires issued to game testers for feedback are given in Microsoft Word and PDF format.

Microsoft Word PDF
Prototype game questionnaire Prototype game questionnaire
Almost complete game questionnaire Almost complete game questionnaire

Feedback from all game testers is provided in Microsoft Word format only. The title of the link is the name of the game tester that provided the feedback.

Feedback from prototype game Feedback from almost complete game
Kristoffer Marc Getchell Kristoffer Marc Getchell Alex Lupu
Christopher Jackson Angus Macdonald
J Ross Nicoll

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The Dead Times © Tom Clark 2013 onwards

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The Dead Times © Tom Clark 2013 onwards

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